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Excellence - Committed | Delivered
Excellence - Committed | Delivered

Presidents Message

ITMC Solutions is excited to be able to provide Strategic Consulting and Enterprise IT Solutions to our clients in a time where there are major budget constraints. Now is the time to think strategically and leverage innovative solutions across the government.

The Federal CIO has developed a detailed 25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology Management with specific initiatives that focus on achieving operational efficiencies, effectively managing large-scale IT programs, alignment of the acquisition and budget processes with the technology cycle, streamlining governance and improve accountability and increase engagement with industry.  ITMC understands the importance of these initiatives and how they will lead to the success of the Federal government.   We are ready to do our part by living up to the core values that we have defined for ITMC.  That includes establishing teaming relationships that deliver value to the customer, providing the best and brightest workforce that commits to delivering excellence, doing business with integrity and accepting responsibility for all decisions, actions and promises that we make.

We have established a culture that focuses on employee satisfaction and being thankful for the opportunity to give back.  We know that we cannot be successful without our employees.  We provide competitive salaries and benefits as well as other incentives that reward success. 

Our core values are not just for our employees but are to be demonstrated with our clients as well.  We believe that too much is given much is required and that every day we are to live on purpose and to strive to do and give our best in everything.  We welcome the opportunity to join with you in meeting and delivering your mission.

ITMC Core Values

*      Act honestly and with integrity

*      Be a fair employer

*      Champion success and excellence

*      Accept responsibility

*      Maintain a diverse environment

*      Achieve business results and maintain customer focus

*      Take pride in what we do and in our company

*      Trust in the people we work with and for



Sheyla A. Blackman

President  & CEO